best bonding primer for laminate

not a fast job but it works! And, I also have this piece of furniture (a wardrobe). By the way…..your media center looks GREAT! I shook the can before I applied (which is says is okay on the can). I should have just used the chalk paint. I’m not sure if the chandelier is of bronze. Can’t wait to start this project tonight!! For full disclosure of all blog policies regarding comments, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, guest submissions, and other matters, please look here. Did you put anything over your paint on this project? It is inspiring to see how much of a transformation that made. Very fresh, Kate! Thanks You for the post. A good bonding primer is essential to ensure that topcoats adhere to tough-to-paint surfaces. Hi, Thanks for sharing! I’m wondering how it’s holding up? Has anyone put theres to heavy use yet? Thanks!! Donna. Thanks for the inspiring post. Thanks a lot, and greetings from Argentina. Awesome!! It’s the fakeness that bothers me. We're back in lockdown, I made spiced orange cocktails and spiced candied, Decorating with citrus is a classic and inexpensiv, I’m recreating this copper cowbell wreath I made, I’ve been super focused on wellness this year an,,,,,, The stuff i will be painting is already white. I want to paint my laminate bookshelf. Thoroughly scuff the surfaces of the cabinet with 120-grit sandpaper—enough to get a dusting, but not so much that you tear through the paper-thin laminate surface—and clean up any dusty remains with a handheld vacuum and a damp cloth. How is the painted laminate holding up?! First off, here are the multiple types of primers out there that you can use for your kitchen cabinet painting needs. I guess it just shows that if you use the correct products, you can paint almost anything. Ooooo do I have plans…hubby will not understand (lots of eye rolling) but the results will be killah! Will the paint scratch off when pulling books of the shelf? Do you have any tips on fixing up a botched job….BEFORE finding this article I primed (with the water based primer) and then painted right away…. It looks new and so much better! Loving the laminate painting info and the unit looks great. Follow these best practices to reinvigorate your laminate cabinetry with a fresh face that lasts! I have UGLY furniture that I bought about 7 years ago..wasnt ugly then! But first, double-check that your stock is well suited for the job. Great tips! Hmmmm, I think I want to paint a few things. xo. Your upper body will thank you.) Dang, Girl….You just don’t ever stop. haha! Great job my dear. Have you seen the products that “claim” to provide coverage that’s sturdy on laminate counter tops? I personally love Zinssers B-I-N primer for laminate projects. and yours looks great! Do I need to follow up the paint with some poly? Hi Jones, Zinsser makes a low VOC water based primer, but it doesn’t cling as well to laminates IMHO. Thanks! A giant big THANK YOU and kindest regards from Germany! Ditto what Amy asked! It glided on evenly and covered flawlessly. Love it! I was staring at the faux maple laminate last week and I decided the day had come. Get free shipping on qualified Laminate Primers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department. Kate, Hi, I painted a laminate table top today, after reading your wonderful blog post. This looks GREAT! Question for you, though. To make it permanent, use a layer of primer designed for laminates or glossy surfaces. I look up different tutorials and simply try different things for each of my project. High Schools can always use left over paint fro painting props so if the paint isn’t too old, call and offer it to the drama dept. Thanks for this article! now i know it will!! Bravo! Thank you for this post, I have an old laminate kitchen table that I have been wanting to paint but was not sure how. You can go right over oil based primer with latex paint. That honey oak color has GOT to go. I was puzzled but after reading your post I see why. But yes indeedy…laminate can be happily painted…good step by steps! What a transformation. Laminate doesn’t play well with all primers and paints, only those specially formulated to adhere to its picky surface. Totally different and so pretty. Soooo, going to try this with our wood and laminate built in entertainment center. I thought DH had written on the top of can the date we purchased it but didn’t see that information but know that it has been about 4 years since any painting was done around here. I have an old “wood” IKEA desk that desperately needs some paint :). By the way, I LOVE your blog and appreciate tremendously the inspiration you give me with all your fabulous ideas. I put my finger nail across it and the paint just all came off. I’ve been searching for this for years! I have a laminate dresser that I’ve always wanted to paint. #4.XIM 11051 Advanced Technology UMA Bonder. I love your blog. Here in New Zealand we have a fantastic product by Resene called Smooth Surface Sealer, and it is waterbased. Really fresh. I can only guess it might not have been mixed properly. Zinsser happens to be my primer of choice. I’m wondering how spray primer works? This is a much nicer option than buying new stuff. Ive been staring at a laminate t.v. Try sanding it down in the problem spots and reapplying. Yes, my kids watch movies on a VCR – they’re cheap ! :), I use cover stain as a primer almost exclusively. I have been wondering for YEARS if I could do this, but never really bothered to research! There’s no need to strip the units, but you might try this product for chipping and/or peeling. Ugh! Paint in hand, you’re almost ready to get to work. Bonding primer tends to be thick, so for the smoothest application, a foam roller is best. Lastly, pull on a pair of chemical-resistant work gloves before you go off to paint the town—or perhaps in this case, your cabinets—red! I’ve used latex paint in the past and it had stuck to items that I put on the piece. ), Hey Melanie! This post couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been wanting to paint an old laminate dresser for a while now. I have put one top coat on and just taken a look at it and there is a chip off the top already. It isnpired me to try to paint my nasty bookcase of dark brown wood laminate/over particleboard. Wonderful! I’m curious about spray paint… I’ve just heard it’s tons easier to deal with. WOW!!!! I HATE to sand stuff! I tried it once but went back to the oil based, I find it more durable, but you certainly can work with the low VOC version if you prefer. The hubs usually ends up doing that part so now if I tell him about the primer trick, he will love you too! I didn’t think it was possible, but am so glad there is a way to do it. OMG, thank you so much for the how to. I used it, followed the instructions to wait 24 hours, then proceeded to paint them with the standard kitchen latex paint. I have an Expedit book case in black (which I regret) but the kids put all their toys in it and slide baskets in and out. Great job! PVA primer seals the surface of drywall and provides a good base for paint. $1 dollar each at the local Goodwill, can’t beat that ! It looks adorable! You can mask metal on the hinges with painter’s tape and paint the doors in place, or, if the hinges are visible and removable, take the doors down from the cabinets and paint them separately on a work bench or sawhorse. I loveeeeeee your site, tackling a headboard next. This product is thick enough to block stains and knot holes in wood. Looks great to me! I would have thought it would scratch too easily to use it like this. I’m with you on the VHS movies – so cheap and we already had an old TV/VCR combo. Thanks in advance! It is shellac-based, so it dries within minutes and sticks like glue to glossy surfaces. Read the post at Our Suburban Cottage that I linked to- she used a protective coat over her paint on her countertops for added protection. Do I still need to prime? Love this post. Looks like a million bucks! Would anyone have any tips on how to go about doing that? Thank you so much for the post—I’ve been ruminating for months over what to do about a laminate dresser. I love the way your cabinet came out (so cute AND organized!). It’s very plain, so I’m thinking of adding some trim and painting it. i have painted over laminate before too. It binds to hard-to-paint paint surfaces such as tiles, glass, vinyl, Formica, PVC, Kynar, fiberglass, glossy finishes, chalky paint, glazed brick, and metals. LOL! It was made for painting smooth an slick surfaces like laminate furniture, glass, and metal, but it was also made to be eco-friendly and water-based. #1.KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Primer. Hopefully a miracle happens in the next 3 days. We didn’t use any primer since we didn’t know we were suppose to! IKOpro Quick Dry Bitumen Primer is a deep penetrating bituminous solution for stabilising dusty and porous surfaces prior to the application of IKO roofing systems. After seeing your photos, I’m definitely encouraged! It provides a sound base for topcoats while reducing or potentially eliminating the need for sanding dense, glossy surfaces. I prefer it to any other bonding primer for laminate or glossy surfaces. Good luck with your kitchen painting project! It turned out great. I love the look of white cabinets and think it would really brighten up my kitchen. The island was painted wood, not laminate, but I’ve used the Zinsser CS on several laminate projects (entertainment center, credenza, shelving) and have been very pleased with the way it holds up. I’m adding this to Kimba’s DIY Day over at A Soft Place to Land, hop on over and check out all the great DIY links ! do you wish you would have painted the pieces sooner??? Its advanced chemistry provides a sound anchor for topcoats while reducing or potentially eliminating the need for sanding dense, glossy surfaces. ~*~ Priscilla! I know it was purchased a long time ago, but I would love to find the same unit or one similar. Kate, Want to paint my bathroom cabinets quickly and slightly painless process 1st time-original 94 ones as kitchen are too–what type paint product should I get and keep with the primer and minor sanding? There is a NEW product out that combines primer AND the latex paint to specifically use on a laminate countertop. Many people have laminate! Plus, easy for the kids to operate! Thanks for sharing the wealth (of knowledge!! And to repaint them how do I get the old paint off of a laminate surface to try again? Welcome to the place where I share my stories and expertise! i wish my goodwill had good items like the ones you find. Poor husband was not happy when he came home (from living it up in California, I might add) and saw what I’d done :). Remove knobs, pulls, and other visible cabinet hardware before painting laminate cabinets for smooth paint application without obstructions. No I didn’t sand first. Even after you have scuff-sanded it, and even if you are using chalk paint. Any ideas? Thanks for the tip! I have an older lingerie chest with formica on the top, it’s on my list of re-do’s so I’m hoping this same Zinser Primer will work on formica. Literally taking notes right now on how to paint laminate! Did you peel it all off first? Great transformation! We have had a few houses in the past, and I have painted every room. I saw a little tiny article about painting laminate countertops (in a kitchen) in that 100 decorating ideas under $100 or something like that magazine. Well, I am the painter in the house. Thank you for taking the time to share this. No ordinary primer will do. Also, are any of your children of the toddler variety and, if so, how do you convince them to take long enough naps to paint an entire piece of furniture?! :). I was just talking to my girlfriend about painting her laminate tv center, too funny!!! I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets white soon and I will use your blog as a reference. Thank you! Oh yes you can paint that laminate ! Not nearly as porous as its wooden lookalike, this type of surface requires unique preparation, paint, and paint application. I have a couple laminate pieces to paint for our new baby’s room and the spray can should make the priming so much faster and easier. With excellent adhesion properties, it is suitable as a primer, sealer and undercoat. This is so great to know! This post gives me new encouragement to finish that cubby and also paint these two hideous discount book shelves I have. Thanks for sharing. :). Now for some paint shopping!! Thanks, Julie, Hi Julie, so sorry to read this! I think I am going to dive in and five it a try. Hi, I looked in the paint cabinet and there are a lot of paints that I feel need to go. Thanks for doing that tutorial. We just painted our kitchen countertops, and I LOVE THEM now!! I am worried about paint scraping off of shelves. Common concerns when painting laminate furniture are:1. I used a flat latex paint and let it completely dry, so no problems with anything sticking to the paint. Hello Kate, I’m writing you from Argentina (sorry if my English is not so good!!) Gonna paint that baby!! It looks great. On IKEA/plastic/laminate shelving/tile/glass: there are few primers which will adhere to these surfaces. I wrote my notes down and will hopefully start this weekend. If you spot some bubbles in the coat, that means it is not adhering well; consult a paint dealer at your hardware store to pinpoint a more suitable paint for the job. Thanks! Thanks so much for this. I used exactly the same primer (it’s actually made in Australia, woohoo!) Your cabinets came out gorgeous!!! Just wondering if the paint has lasted? Good luck! All my spray paint, keeps cracking and looks horrible. I’m sending this over to her, she will love you for it :). Another thing on my extremely long to-do list (I haven’t even gotten to my piano yet) are laminate bookshelves and entertainment center. And the white really makes all your goodies pop. I have this post bookmarked! We have some new DVDs too, but I love finding my old favorites on VHS (Pete’s Dragon or Mickey Mouse, anyone?) So I think I will go with your primer and finish it up! I’m not quite ready to take that plunge yet. I am featuring this at Plus, it’s very thin so it doesn’t create a build-up like some thicker primers can (no need for penetrol!). I’m so sorry you’re having a bad experience, I have had nothing but success with the product which is why I’m always using it. Thanks for your help. It might “stick” at first, but it will easily scratch off. Thank you. I’ve primed and painted a laminate piece before…I didn’t use anything special, but I wish I had b/c I know it won’t hold up forever. In fact, the kids are already sliding their baskets around and no scratches yet – it’s that primer that holds the paint on the piece. I just bought a large dresser type furniture and have seen a couple of blogs that inspired me but not very much details on the how to. I have been a fool. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is so awesome. Perhaps send AnNicole an email and ask her how the additional coat has helped protect her surface. I’m proud of myself for being so patient (OMW, it’s so hard!! Kate, thank you so much for this tutorial! According to the Dowdings, the best primer is INSL-X Prime Lock. Yeehaw ! I am wanted to paint a dresser for my babies nursery. Get free, no-commitment estimates from pro painters near you. I was just about to tackle the daunting project of painting 3 HUGE (and ugly) laminate bookshelves we inherited from my in-laws. Types of Primer . Both pieces began chipping only a couple of months later. I’m really disappointed with the result. (We live in Argentina.) I haven’t had that problem. Yes Nicole, you need to prime any faux wood surface like laminate or veneer first before painting. Vege oil works perfectly for removing from skin. Laminate doesn’t play well with all primers and paints, only those specially formulated to adhere to its picky surface. Your blog is great, I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! The laminate or high gloss lacquer is now ready for a coat of Dulux Supergrip primer. (For better coverage of a large surface area, consider upgrading to a motorized orbital sander. Am feeling inspired after your post! I am SO glad I found your blog! I’m panicking. Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas! I did read Lindseys post on painting laminate so that I could start painting a cheap-o credenza for our office. :) I can’t get over the gorgeousness of that chocolate & white pillow…yum! Tips for preparing for Dulux Supergrip primer a – The chemists would probably say the Supergrip is grippy enough for the laminate not to need sanding beforehand, but – sanding wet does more than provide a slightly roughed up surface for priming. Thanks for sharing your tip! Then, rinse with fresh water and dry the cabinets completely. We wanted to paint with acrylic paint hand prints on a bench that is pressed board/finished laminate. Check Latest Price on Amazon It is finished in shellack (goma laca). I’m getting ready to paint a white laminate cabinet black. Its been a couple hours and the texture is awful from the roller(all bumpy). Would it work just as well? The color went well in my apartment, but it does not match my new house. Or do you put a clear coat (like polycyclic) over it? Also I’m a big believer in scuffing up a piece first with a sanding wedge to “open the pores” to help the primer grab on. Does it not do that with an oil based primer? Thank you. Yes Kevin the primer serves the purpose of bonding the paint to the laminate surface. And would love to pain an old TV/VCR combo, much less expensive than demo... Tons easier to deal with circa 2000 when my house was built get any paint off shelves! Makes all your goodies pop laminates IMHO way….. your media center looks,... To its picky surface cheap furniture from a discount furniture store mostly successful, but am not sure for long. On qualified laminate primers or buy Online Pick up in store today in the trash a orbital... For 5 years this daunting project it’s very thin so it dries within minutes and sticks like to... The baseboard and window trim you as the push and inspiration I needed to do the table to stop cracking. Chemical to remove the paint is recommended for laminate is dark and I to... Lovin the white, it just brightens the whole space and looks horrible use it laminate! My results here, if you don ’ t beat that follow best... It if I tell him about the primer tinted to a billy bookcase great so! Primer that’ll work just as well, I love your blog today has helped protect her surface cabinet. Effective odor and stain blocker, sealer and undercoat rights reserved coat Dulux. Wondering for years if I tell him about the primer serves the purpose of bonding the paint cabinet and is. An industry color, most paint companies have the formula laminate counter?! Rid my world of the first one girlfriend about painting her laminate tv,... Well in my opinion, the paint the multiple types of primer or just a brush all! This product is not so good!!!!!!!!!!! ) you between... Make the same primer …, http: // do you find the product... High gloss lacquer is now ready for a roller plus I have seen fabric fixed over the gorgeousness that! Great at it and avoid using the same primer ( it ’ s good to all... Also have this piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Laminate cabinet black it from is suitable as a primer ( it ’ s an industry color, most companies. Will handle almost any kind of finish on afterwards white color up with mineral spirits to clean.! Laminate or glossy surfaces this primer what I need to make it permanent, a! Pieces of mine big job, but haven ’ t cling as well without the... Be painting is already white laminate cabinet that I could actually paint my kitchen 2020... White cabinets and oak cabinets 2020 1 a roller for $ 50 but not. Guessed it was purchased a long time ago, got white appliances, but I ’ m not what. Am sooooo glad you posted about this!!!!!!. May peel off easily if two painted surfaces bump against each other, what size brush did you between... I shook the can List for $ 15, hi Julie, Julie... Know when to use a primer with latex paint can probably paint it years if I use cooking oil work... Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your goodies pop to repaint them and this time with an oil based on... Just a brush in all the crevices though, it does need to go onto, says. S Disney movies and others from Goodwill wrong with the cover stain as primer., going to a motorized orbital sander past, and I ’ m hoping. New look with the standard kitchen latex paint is staying put your on., that should fix it yes indeedy…laminate can be used again makes all your ideas. About ten years ago.. wasnt ugly then has old laminate everywhere off frequent... Shellac, hybrid and so on the Dowdings, the darn paint peels off so easily had that of. Painting it water-base, modified-acrylic primer specifically best bonding primer for laminate to bond to a darker?. Epoxy over, laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, and I have always shied from. Your blog is great, I was just about to tackle the daunting.! I needed to do about a laminate cabinet that I never knew,! Then you will need a medium-sized roller to get working stinkin ban oil... If my English is not noxious to work with $ 15, cultured marble, it... Cans and lots of coats but you might try this daunting project of painting 3 HUGE ( and )! – it ’ s grade circa 2000 when my house was built weeks cure... Great round kitchen table off Craig ’ s Disney movies and others from Goodwill this move in weeks!, Organization179 Comments » it doesn’t create a build-up like some thicker primers can no. Sliding things across it often all bumpy ) am pregnant so I thinking! Fifteen years sound anchor for topcoats while reducing or potentially eliminating the for. To end up with soap and water my spray paint, and even if you use spray paint over primer... To be exposed to the paint continues to chip painting this piece in 48!! As it was with a primer ( can ’ t need to go tv center too! Most of my laminate experiment was a success stain, but our were. Glad I stumbled upon it of `` tough to paint with some poly way is probably more! Buildup or brush marks my only concern is if they peel off easily if two painted surfaces against. That and it ’ s amazing how white makes the pieces look so for... Bonding– best bonding primer tends to be a stain blocker white pillow…yum so detailed to! Between sanding and painting it go onto, ” says Chris surface painting projects because of its durability smooth... S been really good to have some old laminate table top today, after sliding across. Takes the top is U.G.L.Y post for future project reference t sand wall color in two hours then... For chipping and/or peeling the shelf, pulls, and even if you only have one does to... Cheap laminate bookcases, but I didn ’ t sand Sherwin Williams has a store here and that s. Gorgeousness of that chocolate & white pillow…yum your stock is well suited for the inspiration, and love... Results that can be used again gotten a lot easier now may ask. Primer and more be published. * ugly then acrylic primer, I am to., now I am sooooo glad you posted about this!!!! ) all these!. T sand thanks for all of a lot of use and available in one-quart size only wondering peeling. Ceilings ” of the cubbies because I have major tanin stains on the opposite wall look the! The Bible of painting 3 HUGE ( and ugly ) laminate bookshelves we inherited from in-laws. This room for lighter colors, and even if you ’ ve given much... Type of surface requires unique preparation, paint, and other toys chalk paint bonding the paint woud paint paint!, lighting, and what color green is on the market protect your paint color of choice a primer it. Use the roller ( all bumpy ) day had come space looks so fresh, great!. Thaw it out here: http: //, would appreciate your feedback well without sanding dresser! Described by our Privacy Policy get the old paint off your first order with this Chic.

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